I understand the vulnerability it requires to engage in these polarizing conversations. But afterwards, we’re able to approach opposing viewpoints with more grace and peace than before. 

Ecumenical Diplomacy courses and workshops allow us to move away from shuffling our feet through unproductive arguments, and get down to the gritty work of understanding one another in more true and meaningful ways. 

Over the last number of years many of us have sensed a shift in the political and cultural climate - no matter where you fall on the political spectrum.

In order to do that, you need to better understand how to ethically and theologically engage in polarizing issues. 

In Ecumenical Diplomacy courses and workshops, I help guide teams through these tender topics.

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I’ve faced the sobering reality of watching believers ridicule others online without remorse, and became increasingly convinced of the need for a better way forward. 

But I truly believe that it's possible. I’ve dedicated my doctoral research to this conviction, and I am eager to continue navigating these tender topics with more grace and peace than we have had before. 

It is deeply vulnerable and difficult to engage in polarizing conversations with humility

if you want to:

  • Communicate with those who are different from you
  • Learn to ask questions with curiosity
  • Have a gracious witness to your growth
  • Engage your mind and heard
  • Have the tools you need to think critically
  • Let go of harboring resentment toward the “other side”
  • Stop compartmentalizing your life in a negative way
  • Avoid trouble in relationship when there’s disagreement

I want to invite you to take the Ecumenical Diplomacy course

It is possible to navigate relationships that hold a myriad of beliefs, engage in complex and thoughtful conversations, all while truly sharing and listening. 

You don’t have to continue avoiding conflict at all costs and feeling lost and divided when cultural topics inevitably arise.

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