dust we may be, the most
loved dust there ever was.

This is a place for all things SOUL CARE. We cover all aspects of engaging in life with God from the ways we feel far from God to the ways we feel near. 

Maybe you are here because you are experiencing a faith transition and it feels disorienting as you struggle with religion but still want to connect with God. 

Perhaps you have experienced a loss of some kind and are in the depths of grief. You aren’t sure where God is in your life.

Maybe you are here because you are going through a life transition and are wondering where God is in the changes. 


Perhaps you are coming face to face with some wounds or trauma, and no longer want the effects of those events to wreak havoc in your life. Or maybe those events are just starting to surface after you have tried to keep them at bay, and now you are ready to deal with them.

Maybe you want to learn some new spiritual practices.

Perhaps you are wanting more out of life, wanting to feel more awake, alive, and connected. You want your life to be integrated and experience some balance. 

Whatever the reason, I am so glad YOU are here! You’re in the right place and you don’t have to hold the holy mess alone. I want to be a witness to the with-ness of God in your life. 

learn about the experience

I want to help you process in a safe, sacred and confidential space. I don’t have all the answers, but believe that we can welcome questions. We don’t need answers to live a PRESENT life. This is a place of SOLACE, and it’s an honor for me to journey with you. 

This may mean exploring spiritual direction (which is not as bossy as it sounds) to notice what is being stirred up in your every day life - the joy, the pain, and the mundane. 

Theology talks (if a theological position is in your way so to speak), looking at spiritual trauma (abuse and neglect).

Enneagram work to help you discover how you’re wired - where you go in growth and stress and what it’s like to navigate relationships.

what does this all mean?

I began meeting with Tiff when in a season in my life where God felt distant to me. I needed someone to give me the space and tools to pay attention to my experience, process my faith and my disappointment with the Church, and better understand the limitations of my personality. Tiff is an experienced, warm, empathetic listener who patiently and compassionately invites me to pay attention to the movement of the Divine in my life. Her “with-ness” has been a gift and a safe place from which I have been able to process my experiences (past and current). With her support I have become better able to recognise my deeper reactions to life and any associated unwanted feelings, and I am better able to speak the truth I discover to God. 

"With her support I have become better able to recognise my deeper reactions to life and any associated unwanted feelings."

Tiff helped create a space for me to remember how kind the Lord is, and then walked me through how to pursue healing. She was such a safe space for me to process. I’m thankful that a hard season was shaped by safety, freedom, and healing.”

"Spiritual direction holds such a special place in my heart." 

As I began the process of auditing my spiritual belief systems (deconstruction) I was encouraged by a friend to seek out Tiff for her spiritual direction services. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first and assumed I might just hear the same platitudes I was used to. I was pleasantly surprised that through the last several years of sessions Tiff has been nothing but amazing, gentle, and challenging towards me. Through her guidance I have found contentment and confidence in being in a place of questioning my spiritual beliefs. We explore topics, themes, and questions that come up in my life in a thoughtful, passionate way. I really appreciate the resources and tools that she is able to offer to help further my growth.

"She is fully engaged in each session and I have always felt that she genuinely loves what she does."  

I have found more confidence and contentment while going through the spiritual direction process with Tiff. She has normalized questioning my faith which I didn’t realize was something I was missing. She has the gentle grace to know when to push you out of your comfort zone for your benefit.”

"She has the gentle grace to know when to push you out of your comfort zone for your benefit.”

"I highly recommend spiritual direction with Tiff. Spiritual direction with Tiff is an invitation and gentle guiding. This has been so helpful and healing for me as my family has been going through challenging times and I've experienced faith deconstruction. Tiff's spiritual direction has helped me to see God in unlikely places and to stay grounded and reflect on who I am as a child of God."

"She does very well at meeting me where I am and carefully listening."

Kind Words